Although passionate about all aspects of health, the main aspects of Jess’ clinical practice include:

  • Nervous system
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Weight Concerns
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Skin conditions
  • Some chronic conditions and illness

Initial Consultation

Allow 60 minutes for your initial consultation, during which time Jess will ask questions and gather information to ascertain the root cause of your health concerns.

During the initial consultation, Jess will discuss with you:

  • your past and present health concerns
  • your health goals and a plan to achieve these
  • dietary and lifestyle advice
  • herbal and nutritional recommendations

This consultation will be one-on-one with Jess via Skype, although there is also a limited amount of face-to-face consultations available in Auckland.

Follow-up Consultation

Allow 30-60 minutes for your follow-up consultation with Jess.

As Jess’ primary concern is supporting you through your health journey and addressing your health concerns, it is important to check in regularly throughout your treatment to consider any tweaks your program may need on occasion.

This consultation will be one-on-one with Jess via Skype.

To book an appointment, leave your message here.

Media Bookings

Jess is a dynamic and engaging presenter who loves nothing better than sharing her in-depth knowledge about happiness, health and how to juggle both.

Why not do something different at your next workshop or event? Book Jess as your keynote speaker to share her expertise, while giving your guests practical inspiration for living a healthier life.

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